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skyshadedaylights-managing director

At Skyshade™, since the year 2001, the pursuit & dissemination of Daylighting Technologies (use of natural light in buildings) has been an eventful & successful journey with continuous product innovations and services, changing the mind set of stake holders and challenging old product ideas.

We chose a difficult path of ground up Research & Development and manufacturing to make new products which customize to local climatic conditions of buildings. Before Skyshade™, never in the history of Daylighting, such an extent of technology development & commercialization was attempted as being done now.

With the use of our products, reduction of lighting energy consumption and improving building energy efficiency has become easier.

We thank our customers, partners, and all stake holders of buildings who trusted & supported us in our long journey making things possible hitherto not known to major parts of the world.”

- Sekhar Nori

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