Sekhar Nori

Founder & CEO

Steely Determination, Quest to satisfy customers at any cost, and importantly make the world a better place by little contributions called Daylighting Products – these are three key characteristics of Sekhar Nori, the founder and CEO of SkyshadeTM

An Engineer by profession, Graduate from JNTU, Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh, India), Mr. Nori has been working in the field of Solar Thermal Energy for more than 15 years. His simple belief that there are innumerable ways we could utilize Sunlight took him to start Solar Thermal Power Manufacturing in 1995.

Since then he has diversified into Daylighting focusing on research and development of products developed in one of India’s first indigenous Daylighting Lab.

Today SkyshadeTM has many products that are used by multinational companies which reduce lighting and air-conditioning costs thus contributing to decrease in their overall carbon foot print.

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