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Research and Development

Skyshade™ has established its R&D facility named Daylighting Lab, with the intent of development & testing of Daylighting products. The need for in-house Daylighting lab was identified because, buildings are made for different purposes viz. manufacturing, corporate offices, I.T parks, residential buildings and etc. these buildings have different plans, construction materials and lighting requirements. One single day lighting product cannot service all the buildings. A different product to suit the building format is the requirement. The engineers at Skyshade™ identify these requirements and develop products to satisfy these needs. The R&D facility is staffed with engineers & technicians to carry out the above tasks. Since its inception the Skyshade™ Daylighting lab has successfully completed the following tasks.

  • Dimming arrangement for Lightpipe™
  • Multi glazed Skylight-Norikool™
  • Lighting controller for integrating Daylighting with electric lighting-Day360™ GLC
  • Open top Daylight sensor.
  • Integrated Daylighting System-IDS.
  • Lumen output studies of Lightpipes™ & Norikool™.
  • Wall mounted Lightpipe™.
  • Light redirecting Daylighting panels for glazing.

All products developed are IP protected.