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The Fabric Ceiling & Wall systems is designed to provide beauty & functional solutions to the building interiors

Well Suited for – New construction & Renovations | Commercial & Residential.


Key features:

  • Decorative
  • Printable
  • Back lit
  • Translucent
  • Functionality & Durability


  • Ceilings
  • Wall Coverings




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For new buildings and renovations classic coverings enhance ceilings and walls of residential and public places. The highly aesthetic finish with no joints or seams is flawless.

  • Available in width up to 5 m, in many finishes: matte, metallic, flocked, etc.
  • Lighting systems: Spotlights, fixtures, optical fibres, etc. can be integrated.

Design :

Thanks to the latest “oversize” digital printing techniques, ceilings and walls are perfect surfaces for decorating. They can be used to create illusions and as communication and decoration media.

Skyshade offers an unlimited number of visuals. Discover our photo gallery on our website, and feel free to check with us to have your own photos printed.

Translucent :

Translucent covering and with back lighting it diffuses 50% of the light.
Combined with a printed image, it creates a cheerful, soft lighting ambiance.

Lighting with changing colours fosters a sense of wellbeing in your interior, perfect for places of relaxation, recreation, spas, etc.

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