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All you want to know about Skyshelves, an Amazing Innovation to keep your interiors Bright & Cool

Daylighting Innovations

It is Microstructured lighting panel that can redirect sunlight from the window glass to the ceiling. Such redirected sunlight penetrates deeper into the space from white coloured ceilings, providing comfortable daylight in the space. By using Skyshelves, you can do away with conventional lightshelves inside or outside the windows.

Daylighting innovations

Daylighting innovations

Windows can perform better with skyshelves Because of direct transmission of sunlight through window glass, we see the bright, hot spots of light close to the window and just little away from window typically 1.5 times the window height, illuminance on floor drops drastically. Because of direct transmission causing bright spots, we use blinds on windows to block the direct light. With less daylight inside, we use electrical lighting 24×7. Skyshelves breaks this pattern. It redirects the incident light on window glass to ceiling avoiding hot or bright spots on floor. The redirected light bounces off the ceiling diffusing into the space as top lighting light source.

Skyshelves impact on Building Energy Efficiency:
As daylight is bright source of light [nearly 140 lumens per watt], this free, renewable source will reduce building energy consumption and improves building energy efficiency.

Energy Benefits using Skyshelves:
Using skyshelves daylighting panels, for every 100 Sq.m of floor area, 1KWof electrical lighting load can be reduced for 8-9 hours a day. On 360 days, it accounts to 2880 Kwhs or on 250 days, it accounts to 2000 Kwhs an year. It extends the burning life of electric lamps by 2000 hours an year.


Social Benefits using Skyshelves:
Research studies have shown that long term health benefits (psychological & physiological) of building occupants outweigh the energy benefits in daylight buildings.

Cost Effective:
Skyshade the leader & pioneer in daylighting products in India has worked for two years to produce most cost competitive & high performing microstructured light shelf panels for usage in all buildings. A small investment on skyshelves pays back in a year..!

Floor Area:
With windows on North & South, floor plate of 20-25 meters can be covered with daylight. Approximately for every 100 Sq.m of floor area, 2 Sq.m of skyshelves panel on south side is required for good illumination of 150 lux daylight inside.

Product Life:
15 years life.

Routine cleaning of dust by soft cloth is the only maintenance recommended.

In northern hemisphere, south facing window gets maximum daylighting hours with west, east & north following. So the actual light input transmitted by window glass and redistributed by skyshelves accordingly changes.

During overcast weather the sky is diffused. In such conditions the diffused light will be transmitted by skyshelves excellently without blocking it. skyshelves panels can redirect even the diffused light to the ceiling.

Sky Shelves | Daylighting innovations

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