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Solar Hybrid Daylighting System – A New and Innovative Renewable Energy Saving Product Launch in India


Under Renewable Energy Sector,  An Innovative Energy Saving Product Launched at CII-Energy Efficiency Summit 2017, Hyderabad .

Solar Hybrid Daylighting Controllers

Day 360™ – Hybrid Daylighting System is a complete lighting automation solution.

Daylight harvesting + Electrical Lighting + Energy monitoring all integrated into one product.

A roof mounted system, ideal for large warehouses, manufacturing and retail spaces.

How it works:

During Day time, the Sunlight is captured by light collector and streams through the light diffuser into the building interior. The Daylight sensor housed in Sunlight collector continuously measures the ambient Sunlight and gives a feed back to lighting controller. The controller decides whether the Daylight incoming is sufficient to meet the requirement of Set point (desired lux level at task plane).The Electric lamps (LED lamps or Fluorescent) are provided to match the lumen capacity of Daylight.

Electrical Lighting Control – 3 Step switching:

When the daylight level reduces below the set point, the Electric lights switch on in 3 steps without any delay to compensate the loss of Daylight (Sunset or over cast conditions). Similarly lights turn off in steps when daylight is above set point (Sunrise conditions).

Energy Monitoring System:

The control panel records the energy consumption of Electric lighting and gives the savings obtained. The data is available in daily/monthly/yearly basis in excel or graphical form. Remote access of data is possible.

Main Features:

  • Automated 3 step control or continuous dimming control to maintain desired set point.

  • Set point can be adjusted using a visual interfacing monitoring unit.

  • Can manually override the automated functioning in manual mode.

  • Electrical Energy Savings can be displayed.

  • Load cut-off during over and under voltage, over current is displayed.


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