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The Day 360 TM GLC Lighting controller is specifically developed for Daylighting Harvesting applications for ROOF mounted Daylighting system viz. Tubular Daylighting systems and skylights. Ideal for use in large retail, manufacturing, warehouses, offices & schools. The Daylight sensor measures the ambient sunlight directly above roof and switches ON lighting systems when daylight is in sufficient. When combined with Lightpipe TM and Norikool TM. It increases energy savings by 30% and provides the convenience of automatic control. The system is powered by line voltage and can control 20 amps load.



  • Automatic On/Off at desired lighting intensity called lighting set point.
  • Light set point can be adjusted on controller.
  • Load protection at over voltage.
  • Load protection at over current.
  • True daylight measuring control system.


The Day 360 TM GLC consists of Daylight sensor and Lighting Controller.

Lighting Controller

Lighting Controller

Daylight sensor

Daylight sensor

General Arrangement:

Glc_arrangement The system works with ambient daylight actively measured by daylight sensor which feedbacks the controller. The system is commissioned for a given set point lighting. The lights turn ON when the light level reduces below the set point without any delay immediately. The lights turn OFF when the lighting is above set point after a delay time of 5 minutes. This delay time prevents the system from cycling.

loadOnce the system is commissioned for a given set point, say for example 300 LUX. The set point can be easily changed with 4 options. On controller two options on higher side of set point say 400 & 500 LUX in steps of 100 LUX. Two options on lower side say 200 & 100 LUX.

Glc_arrangement1 Glc_arrangement2


The lighting controller can control 20 amps circuits of lighting load. For higher load an electrical contactor to be used as shown below in Diagram Glc_arrangement

Manual Over ride

The lighting controller can be over ride by a master control switch as shown in diagram Glc_arrangement