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Why Day360™- HDS ?

  • Lighting in buildings has been debated and evolving on three thought processes.
  • The first thought is, as buildings consume 30% electric energy for lighting, reduction of
    this consumption with use of energy efficient lighting technologies is become a mandate. CFL, T5 ,LED lighting has evolved as offshoot of this idea.
  • The second thought is, studies and use of lighting controls have demonstrated significant reduction up to 25-30% of lighting energy consumption. So proper use of lighting controls is very important for energy savings and convenience.
  • The third thought is with research showing the beneficial aspects of Daylighting in terms of psychological, physiological and energy savings, use of Daylighting is mandated through forums of green buildings and architecture.
  • At skyshade, we integrated all the three ideas on single platform resulting in the product INTEGRATED HYBRID DAYLIGHTING SYSTEM. The system works with Daylighting as central theme and controlling electric lighting based on it.

            I hope our customers will appreciate the idea behind the product and the significant benefits it transfers to them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Sekhar Nori, Founder – Skyshade



  •  Daylighting System – A). Sunlight capture System   B). Optical Reflective System  C). High Performance Light Diffuser
  •  Lighting Automation Control  – A). Daylight Sensor B). Lighting controller C). Central control panel
  • Electrical lighting – High bay LED Lamps
  • Energy Monitoring System



During day, the Skyshade’s patented double glazed Light Collector intercepts sunlight over a large surface area and distributes light into the optical reflective system below.This is  constructed from highly reflective surfaces assembled in a patented Aluminum fixing system guides the  light to diffuser further below.

The high performance diffuser spreads the daylight evenly without any glare or heat into the work space. The system’s daylight sensor continuously monitors the ambient sunlight. The electric lamps are divided into three groups each representing a step for switching on/off.

If the daylight on task level is less than desired light intensity, called the set point, the controller switches on the required number of steps in electric lighting to achieve the set point, compensating the reduction of daylight. This compensation is achieved in three steps from electric lighting completely off to fully on mode or vice versa. With an option of advanced LED luminaire this compensation is more efficient and smooth.

Thus, the necessary light for any given space always remains constant, despite changes in weather conditions or transition from day to night.
A single control panel connected to many systems helps in monitoring the energy consumption and savings of lighting systems. Also this has the ability to manually override systems, monitoring failures and data input.


  • Daylighting makes building spaces healthy with increase in quality & productivity.
  • Energy savings potential up to 75% with shorter payback period. Improves the building energy efficiency and reduces the carbon foot print.
  • Convenience of automation with lighting controls.
  • Lower heat gain in building reducing air conditioning.
  • Lighting settings can be customized to work space requirements.
  • Long life with low maintenance.


  • Automated 3 step control to maintain desired set point.
  • Set point can be adjusted wing a visual interfacing monitoring unit.
  • Can manually override the automated functioning in manual mode.
  • Saving due to HDS is displayed in monitoring unit i.e. communicator.
  • Load cutoff during over voltage, under voltage , over current is displayed.
  • Any failure of electrical lamps is indicated .


  • Manufacturing units
  • Warehouses
  • Large Retail Stores and Offices etc.