SkylightsTensile structure

Intellectual Property

“…SkyshadeTM strongly believes in constant innovation and as a result has built a vast array of technologies, designs, literary works and so on, which have been protected as different forms of intellectual property.

Being a pioneer in the Daylighting industry, SkyshadeTM takes all available measures to protect its new products / processes under the intellectual property regime.


SkyshadeTM has filed for several patents in the following technology in various jurisdictions.

  1. Lighting control systems
  2. Lighting fixtures
  3. Tubular Daylighting devices
  4. Light sensing technology
  5. Glazing systems      and so on


Trademarks (word mark/ logo) of SkyshadeTM

  1. Skyshade
  2. Skyshelves
  3. Norikool and
  4. Day 360
  5. Ventilight
  6. Anshu-A ray of light


Several designs related to, lighting control systems, lighting fixtures, tubular Daylighting devices, Skylights and so on, have been filed in various jurisdictions.

Additionally, SkyshadeTM has protected certain Manufacturing / quality processes, engineering specifications, know-how etc., as trade secrets and confidential information.