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Interview with : Sekhar Nori, Harvesting Sunlight


The concept of daylighting entails conveying sunlight for illumination during the day into the inner space. This can also used in tandem with conventional artificial lighting solutions. Sekhar Nori, Managing Director, Skyshade Technologies Pvt Ltd briefs Buildotech on systems that reflect and direct daylight into the building, as well as those that double up by letting both daylight and creating ventilation.

What are the latest innovations in daylight systems in terms of design and material?

Skylights are one of the sources of natural daylight for residential, commercial and Industrial buildings. Earlier, skylights were designed with glass or polymer materials which had the disadvantage of heating up the space below during afternoon causing glare and heat. The new super skylight systems enhance the light in the morning and evening and reject heat during peek afternoon. This technology helps to keep the covered spaces below cool and comfortable, maintaining the transparency without negative effects of heat and increase in air-conditioning load. Apart from skylights, the latest LightPipe system can conduct ambient sunlight to desired location in the building interiors. A step further is the Ventilight, an innovative combination of LightPipe and wind assisted Ventilator, for industrial and warehousing applications.

More on LightPipe and Ventilight system

Skyshade is the only company in India to manufacture Light pipe which can transport sunlight from building exterio

Harvesting Sunlight

r to interior through pipes. The Light pipe system conducts ambient sunlight to the building interiors. It has three components, the light collector, light transportation device and light diffuser.

The light collector is designed to optimize the light collection for a given place and for a given end use requirement. Sky shade specializes in designing this optics and customizing the light collection for any given place. The light transportation device is a highly reflective system which transports the light with minimal loss. On the other hand, the light diffusers are provided for specific requirements, for example, shop floors, offices, residential etc.

Light pipes transfer light without transparent heat. The light delivery of the systems can replace electrical lighting for all applications. They save substantial electrical energy and can pay back the investment cost in three years time. Light pipes help in improving energy efficiency in buildings and because it is a full spectrum light, it improves the ambience of spaces in buildings.

Moreover, ventilation is an essential factor for any given space especially in industries due to heat build up or humidity in the enclosed space. Depending on the requirement, Skyshade can incorporate ventilation provision within the skylight systems. Both natural and forced ventilation systems can be designed to take care of this requirement through ventilator which is wind driven and is installed on the roof top. It works on the simple principles of wind assisted rotation and stack effect. Even the slightest wind causes turbo ventilator to rotate which in turn sucks out and expels the hot and humid air from the building.

Skyshade has implemented LightPipe systems successfully in more than 100 projects for different requirements for companies such as Tata Motors Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Jain Irrigation Systems and JK Tyres and for Indian Railways. Also, LightPipe has won the most innovative Energy saving product award at 10th Energy Efficiency Summit -2011 in National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in Hyderabad.

Application areas for Lightpipe solution

Every building, be it residential, commercial or industrial can install Light pipes for daylighting. Depending on energy requirements for lighting, the payback period in terms of energy savings varies. Skyshade is bringing new solutions for different buildings; for instance, the new optical fibre daylighting systems of Skyshade can be used in very difficult to reach spaces like museums. The Skyshelves system can be integrated with the glass building facade which reduces the use of electrical lighting in contemporary buildings. Also, Light pipes can be used extensively in residential buildings using light from the roof top or from side walls. They brighten up the spaces and bring life into them. Special Light pipes have been designed to cater to the requirement of basement lighting. The light collectors of the system can collect light from the side walls or from the top and deliver light over longer lengths taking daylight into deep core of the building.

Is there adequate awareness among designers and clients about availability of daylight products and benefits?

Except a few architects and some developers, many people do not have awareness on use of daylight systems. But this is changing rapidly, as clients are opening up to incorporating eco friendly products and experimenting with new technologies. In the coming years, with increasing awareness on green building, more people will adopt daylighting in buildings they develop. The systems have extensive applications and have low payback period unlike solar power system with long payback periods.

Though daylighting looks like a romantic idea, there are challenges in properly integrating it in buildings. Proper understanding of the use of light, reduction of heat and elimination of glare are some of the important elements in design and installation of these systems. Sunlight collection to suit the user requirement and comfort is critical in success of daylighting systems. In the near future, the integration of daylighting in buildings will increase exponentially in our country. Since awareness is increasing on energy conservation and green buildings, daylighting will become very popular in future. Today, Skyshade specializes in development and manufacturing of day lighting systems customized to specific climatic regions as systems manufactured for European or American conditions cannot suit our Indian conditions. Skyshade has acquired the knowledge and expertise over a period of time.

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