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Day360™ Standalone Hybrid Daylighting System

 Day360™ Standalone Hybrid Daylighting System:

 Daylighting + LED Lighting + Lighting Controls + Energy Management System

Hybrid Daylighting System India

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How it works

During Day time, the Sunlight is captured by light collector and streams through the light diffuser into the building interior. The Daylight sensor housed in Sunlight collector continuously measures the ambient Sunlight and gives a feed back to lighting controller. The controller decides whether the Daylight incoming is sufficient to meet the requirement of Set point (desired lux level at task plane).The Electric lamps (LED lamps) are provided to match the lumen capacity of Daylight.

Energy Saving Potential

  • The hybrid daylighting system has potential to generate huge energy savings and will payback its capital cost.

  • Energy savings are 70-80% for buildings operating 10-12 hours a day.

  • Energy savings are 40-45% for buildings operating 24 hours a day.'

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