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  • Why Skylights?
  • Design approach - Skylights
  • Controlling of Glare & Heat
  • Lives under Skylights
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Why Skylights?

2.1 Skylights are wonderful source of natural daylight for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Studies the world over has proved that natural daylight is beneficial to health as compared to artificial lighting.

Skylights reduce the earth’s emissions and the need for electrical lighting.

Design approach – Skylights

Skylights with optically engineered elements dynamically control admission of light and heat depending on latitude of place and time of day. Daylighting with skylights can be a pleasant experience

  • With no heat build up
  • View of Sky
  • Adequate light transmission

The selection& placement of skylights should be determined by the amount of light needed and be based upon climate and the design of the building.

Controlling of Glare & Heat


Direct sunlight penetration in space often produces an unpleasant glare on work surfaces, making it difficult to work or view.


The amount of heat that enters in building .Because the sun is such a powerful source to light buildings; it can also produce tremendous amounts of heat. If not planned properly, using natural lighting can result in undesirable heat gains.

Lives under Skylights

Skylights have overall impact on the productivity and satisfaction of employees, students and even clients and retail customers. People have a natural attraction and need for daylight. Studies suggest that Daylighting has a direct impact on well being, productivity and overall sense of Satisfaction. Even entertainment stores like AgriGold – Haailand and other shopping malls have seen the environmental and monetary benefits of Daylighting for both employees and customers.