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  • Sun Light Collection System
  • Light Transfer System
  • Diffuser
  • Roof Flashing Plate:
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0001 The Lightpipe® – Wall mounted solar lighting system constitutes the following components:

  1. Sun Light Collection System
  2. Light Transfer System
  3. Light Diffuser
  4. Wall Flashing Plate
  5. Fixing Accessories

Sun Light Collection System

The Light Collection System has two components.

Sun Light Collector Cover:

The Transparent, Clear cover allows light to be collected across the sky from all directions.

Shape: It should be moulded, Single Piece, Square in section, cuboid in shape.

Material: UV Co extended transparent polycarbonate for non yellowing.

Thickness: To be formed out of 3mm thick clear polycarbonate sheet.

Light Deflection System:

The Light collector system is equipped with light deflection panels on all three sides for the collection of light. The Aluminum reflector at the bottom collects the secondary radiation.

Light Transfer System

tubular lightpipe Project Show benefits of lightipipe® in all segments.

  • Rectangular in section of size 600 x 400mm or 600 x 300 or 400 x 300 mm.
  • Material-Aluminum reflector clad with 0.3 mm thick GI.
  • Reflectivity: Not less than 95%.
  • Material thickness: Not less than 0.3 mm.
  • Protection film: PE foil not UV resistant.
  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate.
  • Thickness: 2mm.
  • Wall flashing plate: GI, 0.6 mm thick.
  • Diameter: 750 mm, 530 mm, 400 mm
  • Shape: Cylindrical Shape
  • Total Reflectivity: Not Less than 95%.


Railways lightpipe projects

  • Shape: It should be moulded, single piece Dome Shaped.
  • Material: polycarbonate.
  • Thickness: To be formed out of 2mm Thick sheet.
  • Light Transmission: Not less than 80%.

Roof Flashing Plate:

4 High raised heat flashing plate made of 0.6mm GI sheet and powder coated with Flashing on all sides. Lumen Output: 2300 lumens on clear sky condition of 1, 00,000 LUX. Warranty: product warranty of 5 years.