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Why Skyshade TM


SkyshadeTM believes in simple insights, insights which when worked on, create a major difference in how we approach our work on daily basis. For example, when we have the world’s largest light – the Sun, available to us on a daily basis, it is incredible that we spend huge amounts on artificial lighting to light up our living and work spaces.

That’s why, over the past 10 years, we have worked incessantly on using this simple insight to create products that will change the way we use Sun to create Daylighting for all of us without the Solar radiation by-products – heat and glare.

That’s why SkyshadeTM focuses on two products lines – Daylighting and Shading Systems.

That we have one of India’s first Daylighting Research & Development Laboratory only speaks about how intensely approach these simple insights.

That we have been consistently working with some of Fortune 500′s companies which use Skyshade’s products to increase their building energy efficiencies, says that our products aren’t just here to stay, but they are the way to go forward in an environment friendly future.

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