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Benefits of Daylighting Strategies

Daylighting Strategies that maximize benefits

Low energy bills, high quality indoor environment, low construction costs daylighting is one sustainable building strategy that can help achieve all these goals. Based on our 10 years of experience analysis, daylighting strategies can potentially reduce our nation’s total energy consumption by 30% with a two-to three-year simple payback. When approaching daylighting design, the project design team needs to understand and consider the various elements that can help maximize daylighting benefits.

Available Daylighting Solutions: Lightpipe Daylighting System (Tubular Skylight) and Prismatic Skylights

Human Factors :

Understanding human nature is essential to designing good daylighting solutions. Quality, energy efficient daylighting cannot be accomplished by installing many uncontrolled polycarbonate roof skylights/windows. For example, if direct beam light enters a space, it quickly will irritate occupants, leading them to block the light, negating the daylighting strategy.

  • Eliminate direct beam light. A key component of good daylighting, which essentially eliminates commonly used view windows, is the elimination of uncontrolled, direct beam light. In all spaces where light quality is critical, the strategies used should bounce, redirect or filter the sunlight so that direct beam light does not enter.
  •  Develop daylighting strategies to provide superior lighting for two-thirds of the daylit hours. Daylighting must be superior to electrical lighting the majority of the time the space is occupied. If not, the habit of walking into a space and turning on the lights will never be broken.
  •  Use dimming controls. To enhance the economic benefits and provide for a smoother transition between light conditions, use dimmable or multi stepped lighting controlled by sensors. There should be compatibility between ballast, lamps and controls. Mount the sensors in a location that closely simulates the light level (or can be set by being proportional to the light level) at the work plane.

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